Counter-strike 1.6 windows 10 installCounter-strike 1.6 windows 10 install

Link to original CS 1.6 download.Windows 10, as the whole Internet community goes as counter-strike 1.6 forward.Counter-Strike 1.6 is simply impossible to leave without Windows 10 support.
cs 1.6 we have done, that is compatible with Windows 10.The game now works not only with the beta version, but with a full version of Windows 10, where counter-strike 1.6 does not have any problems.
Players do not need to suffer now that the game does not work on Windows 10.Shooter CS 1.6 is fully done in the English language: text, sound radio and all that was made possible in English.
This version has a cs 1.6 bots smart, fast connection to the server, protection against unwanted bugs, good server list, minimum ping.
Conter-Strike 1.6 completely copied from the Steam version, which works without problems with Windows 10.
Here you can download cs 1.6 directly or torent file. Enjoy the game.


Name- Counter Strike Windows 10.

Size- 175 MB.

Skins- 0% modified.

Play- Online, Lan or with bots.

Antivirus- Tested.

Compatible- Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10.

Free Version, no copyrights, same version as, include bots with good settings and all difficulties, no ads.

Counter-Strike 1.6 online windows 10cs 1.6 play game windows 10Counter-Strike 1.6 windows 10

How to download and install a fully working cs 1.6 game