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Let us be clear, what is meant primarily MasterServers Counter-Strike. MasterServer- is a program, that sends your server list, which is in the database, to game client, when viewed in the gaming servers Find Servers. This is when you’re in the cs game, press “Search Server” and in front of you appears a list of servers, which take from the game masterserver list. Mail address (IP or domain name) from which you receive these servers the file masterservers.vdf (steam- masterserver2.vdf). It is the address of the file depends on which server you are what you’ll see. There are a public and private masterserver.

The public can access masterservers everyone wants. In order to get necessary to register server config “setmaster add adress_master. When the server is turned on it will automatically be added to it, and if you remove this line from the config, the server will be deleted from the list. However, such masterserver not very popular, because if you and to involve them, you will have very little to gain.

The private masterserver access lists in a way as to not be public. Access to private masterservers need to pay, because this approach promotes the server and brings a lot of benefits. This is carried out manually by the administrator.

Quite often cs non-steam versions can not find servers in the tab- Find servers. It so happens that masterserver is disabled or deleted. If this happens it would be necessary to download masterservers.vdf file from our website and upload it to:

Local Disk: \ program files \ counter-strike 1.6 directory \ platform \ config \ masterservers.vdf (to replace the existing file)

Local Disk: \ program files \ counter-strike 1.6 directory \ config \ masterservers.vdf (to replace the existing file)

Then again, you can search for cs servers.

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