Cs 1.6 GameTracker operating principleCs 1.6 GameTracker operating principle

original CS 1.6 download cs 1.6 game tracker is the central server, which contains all currently registered counter-strike 1.6 users servers list.Cs 1.6 gametraker operating principle is simple.Software cs 1.6 GameTracker knows only IP address address, port number, and server name on each server.When counter-strike 1.6 server started, he communicate with the gametracker and sends the packet.Cs 1.6 gametracker finds the IP address and port number from which server the packet arrived.

It immediately points how cs 1.6 server and adds it to the currently active counter-strike 1.6 servers list.

When a user requests a connection to the game tracker cs 1.6, the game sends a short packet with a list of servers.

GameTracker response packet series, in which are the IP address and cs 1.6 servers lists.

Counter-Strike 1.6 client confirms that he got the package.

cs 1.6 server periodically sends messages to the server.

The server is removed from the gametracker when Cs 1.6 server is closed.

When you close the server, send the query into Gametraker remove or not the server.

When Cs 1.6 server stopped working, server stops sending data to gametracker and cs server is removed.

Our servers are also registered in gametraker where all Cs 1.6 servers data are stored.

Official gametraker page is www.gametraker.com.

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