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Link to original CS 1.6 download.

Counter-strike 1.6 download – Counter-Strike 1.6 download is download a setup file of Counter-strike 1.6 CS 1.6 game. cs 1.6 is oldest, unique and most popular shooting game in the world. Most FPS type games developers tried to overshadow this amazing game, but none of them could not do this.
cs 1.6 setup file is an exe application to install Counter-strike 1.6 game to your computer(PC).
Game installation file takes only two hundred and fifty megabytes (~252 MB) so the downloading is fast (1-2 min.) and simple. Cs 1.6 download page is very easy and comfortable to use. You can download Cs just by click on a direct link or use uTorrent application for maximum. Download speed, instruction’s how to download Cs 1.6 using uTorrent application is below this article.
Our Counter strike 1.6 client is compatible with all Microsoft Windows 7/8/8.1/XP/95/98/2000/vista/10 OS version’s.
This CS 1.6 client isn’t modified, it have all original Cs files and MasterServer. MasterServer is add on which allow you to find servers in INTERNET tab of the game.

Cs 1.6 downloadCs 1.6 download


No matter what we have downloaded version of Counter-Strike, the essence of the game remains the same. CS 1.6 essence of the game, depends on what map the player is playing. But the main goal and the essence is to shoot down as many enemies. So there are three basic types of maps, which perform different tasks while playing.

Depending on the game map type tasks can be:

hostage appearance, when you download and play Counter-strike 1.6

Hostage Rescue

Goal of the game counter-terrorists (CT) must to lead out the hostages from terrorists (T) protected place to a safe area or enemy killing.
Counter-terrorists win if by the time the end of the round they guess to lead the hostages in the security zone, but if the output is not all hostages terrorists win.

Hostages for counter- terrorists are depicted in blue dots in game radar.

Freeing the hostages all players acoustic signal sounds “hostage has been rescued.”

To force hostages follow counter-terrorists, player must press the E key (default bind) ,when standing near to the hostages and at the same time to hear the voices of hostages.

Following CT hostage can not squat, open the door.

Whenever lead the hostages to safety zone, alarm beeps “hostages has been rescued and at the same time they disappear.

Total round CT who do not keep the hostages, kill the terrorists and vice versa.

This type of maps begins cs_. For example: cs_siege, cs_italy.

c4(bomb) appearance when you download free and cs 1.6</a> game

Bomb / Defuse

Currently, this type of maps are used in all tournaments CS players for high sides imbalances.

Terrorist task to blow up the bomb on A or B plantes.

Counter-terrorists task to defend the plants bomb.

The bomb is carried by a single player that he may lose it in the same way as the gun.

This player terrorist radar displayed in orange.

If you drop the bomb,it blinking orange dot, and planting bomb- a cross.

After placing the bomb in an audible message “The bomb has been planted.”

Bombs decontamination time is 11 seconds, which may reduce with bought defuse kit for up to 6 seconds.

The other players all over the round kill enemies.

This type of maps begins de_. For example: de_dust, de_inferno, de_nuke.

VIP players skins in CS 1.6 game

VIP Assassination

This type of maps aim of terrorists to kill a VIP player.

VIP player becomes one of the counter-terrorist.

VIP player can not buy weapons. It has only USP pistol, vest without a helmet.

Counter-terrorist objective of protecting VIPs and take him to the security zone.

This type of maps begins as_. For example: as_oilrig.


CS 1.6 player modelCS 1.6 player model


Through downloads Counter-strike 1.6 , before it is giving you to choose to play for the the team you want to play and also given to select factions. Original cs 1.6 factions looks like we have provided screenshots. Models of different factions are prohibited. So we offer choose counter-strike 1.6 download that is not only free, but which is the default. In such cases, you should have no problems while playing, because for the non-default factions you get ban.

Counter-strike 1.6 features four terrorist factions and four counter-terrorist factions.

Terrorist group models, when you play CS 1.6

1.Phoenix Connexion- sometimes called “phoenix connection” are a terrorist faction featured in the CS 1.6.
Having reputation for killing the phoenix connexion is one of the most feared terrorist groups in Eastern Europe which was formed after the breakup of the USSR.
In the Counter-Strike 1.6, the phoenix connexion has urban-colored pants-jeans and a dark blue shirt with kevlar.

2.Elite Crew- sometimes referred to as the 1337 Krew, is a terrorist faction featured in the counter-strike 1.6.
The original elite crew model from counter-strike 1.6.
is reskin of Gordon Freeman’s model from Half-Life.

3.Arctic Avengers- Swedish terrorist faction founded in 1977.
Famous for their bombing of the Canadian embassy.
In CS 1.6, they were wearing ski masks, similar to the phoenix connexion.

4.Guerrilla Warfare- wearing red band, a kevlar vest, military fatigues, boots, and gloves.


Counter-terrorists models, when you play counter-strike 1.6

1.SEAL Team 6- U.S. navy seals, now known as DEVGRU, is a counter-terrorist faction featured in the counter-strike 1.6.
In game the hand model for the seals features multi cam sleeves light green, tan, white, black spots and olive green gloves with lighter green on the insides.

2.GSG-9- is one of the German groups in the counter-terrorist faction.
In counter-strike 1.6 helmet of the original GSG-9 featured (unusable) goggles.

3.SAS- British SAS is one of the counter-terrorist factions in the counter-strike 1.6.

In CS 1.6 the hand model for the SAS has navy blue sleeves and dark grey gloves with the insides being lighter grey.

4.GIGN- The French GIGN is a counter-terrorist faction featured in the counter-strike 1.6.
The GIGN have made appearances on all promotional pictures for every Counter-Strike game.

Counter-strike 1.6 weapon (gun) skinsCounter-strike 1.6 weapon (gun) skins

Default weapons skins, when you download CS 1.6 and play it

In Counter-strike 1.6 game most dominant items are weapons. Our free cs 1.6 download.
page provides you with the basic Download counter-strike 1.6 about the weapons used in counter-strike 1.6. Many CS 1.6 download page offers download Counter-Strike 1.6 with arms look is not by default. So be careful and choose only the default CS 1.6 download.

The total is 25 weapons that are used in the game Cs 1.6 (rifles, machine guns, Submachine Guns, Shotguns, pistols, knife).

Weapons in CS 1.6 is bought for money. The money are obtained for killings of the enemy.

Weapons are: only used by counter-terrorists, which uses only the terrorists,weapons used by both teams.

Download CS 1.6, play and you will see, that the most popular counter-terrorist weapons such as the M4A1, Famas, USP. Why they are popular among counter-terrorist? This is primarily due to the fact, that they are counter-terrorist arms purchase list. Next thing determines their popularity is, that they are shooting is done the most damage to the enemy.

The most popular CS 1.6 modsThe most popular CS 1.6 mods

Counter-Strike 1.6 modx

cs 1.6
now offers you a wide choice of servers. Counter-Strike 1.6 is modified, so he has a lot of modifications such as Zombie, Surf, Jailbreak, War3ft and many others. We will briefly present some of the popular, modified CS 1.6 servers.

Classic servers – is the most popular and most common CS 1.6 servers. Essence of the game depends on, what map you play. If you play de_ type maps, the main goal is to put the bomb, or defuse it. If you play cs_ type maps, some protected hostages, others are trying to lead them to the security area. The overall goal of all players, as you can kill a lot of enemies.

Counter-Strike 1.6 CSDM modCounter-Strike 1.6 CSDM modCounter-Strike 1.6 CSDM mod

CSDM servers – it is also popular servers. The essence of the game is that, when you find yourself in a random place, you choose your weapon and go to kill the enemy. CSDM servers very favourite type of players, who do not have patience to wait for the end of the round and the next beginning, because when you are shot dead you will be immediately visible random spot again.

Counter-Strike 1.6 gungame modCounter-Strike 1.6 gungame modCounter-Strike 1.6 gungame mod

GunGame servers- this type of server uses players, who loves the game fast paced. The essence of the game as soon as possible for killing enemies, get better weapons and thus get up level. When enemies are killed with a knife, he loses this level. The one who is killed, it gets.

Counter-Strike 1.6 Jailbreak modCounter-Strike 1.6 Jailbreak modCounter-Strike 1.6 Jailbreak mod

Jailbreak servers- the main essence of this modification – keepers control prisoners, give them additional tasks. Prisoners’ main task is to beat handler, to cause riots, escape from a cage through additional holes, and search for the lost arms or just hide away from the handler, until you leave one. Jailbreak mods usually involve extra points for which you can buy additional items such as hand guns, saws, mosques and other things.

Counter-Strike 1.6 Zombie plague modCounter-Strike 1.6 Zombie plague modCounter-Strike 1.6 Zombie plague mod

Zombie Plague Servers- has several different versions. Zombie Swarm is the first version of this modification. Terrorists gets 1000-2000 lives and knives (other weapons they can not to have) with which have to kill the living (CT), while living to kill zombies. A little bit change mods with the zombies are Zombie Infection, Zombie Strike, Biohazard. The essence of this mode a little different – the start of the round one random player becomes infected. So they have to infect others. Hurt living immediately becomes zombie. Furthermore, most of the servers are CSDM.
, so do not wait until after the death again become alive.

Counter-Strike 1.6 DeathRun modCounter-Strike 1.6 DeathRun modCounter-Strike 1.6 DeathRun mod

DeathRun servers – specific, but the popular Counter-Strike game modification, whose purpose is not to shoot as many opponents. The beginning of the round, one player is assigned to the terrorists in different ways exist to overcoming obstacles. The goal is to run to the entire map, avoid specially created various obstacles.


How to download and install a fully working cs 1.6 game