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Probably not one of us, having first heard this word, think of what is hosting and who needs it?

Hosting is an international word derived from English (hosting) which means web hosting.

This activity appeared at the same time as the Internet itself.

Currently there are many hosting companies in Lithuania and in the world.

So the choice and competition is great.

The hosting includes a room that is dedicated to hosting (server, computer), hosting itself (server), a free website address (usually a subdomain) and web site maintenance.

Website hosting is the hosting of a site on one of the servers that it performs a hosting (website hosting) service provider.

Why a lot of website owners are disappoint with website hosting providers?

Because services are poorly performed.

The tip is to look for information about the supplier on the Internet (reviews).

What should you pay attention to before choosing a hosting plan?

Hosting plans are divided according to capacity, speed, capacity and quality of the Internet line.

You need to find out what online speed and capacity your site will require.

These are the main criteria for placing a site.

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