Cs 1.6 LongHorn 2012

Cs 1.6 LongHorn 2012:  What is GUI? GUI decoded as a Graphical User Interface. GUI changes cs 1.6 appearances (windows, icons, menu, buttons, lists, and so on …). Counter-Strike 1.6 GUI can be described – skins for CS 1.6. How to install cs 1.6? How to install? You have a cs 1.6 installer. You are […]

Cs 1.6 LongHorn 2011

Cs 1.6 LongHorn 2011: Counter-Strike 1.6 LongHorn 2011 was released in 2011. The CS 1.6 LongHorn 2011 collection has been fixed and the DDL file installation problems have been removed, which needed to be eliminated to make the game work smoothly. This version also includes a new Steam Patch 44 (Orange Box). System requirements: Minimum: […]

Cs 1.6 LongHorn PRO

Cs 1.6 LongHorn PRO: Counter-strike LongHorn PRO is excellent and stands out from other Cs 1.6 versions. The version of Cs 1.6 LH PRO contains a number of changes that make this game so exclusive. The game version has the latest 42.1 Steam patch with an Orange box. Most players pay money to hold an […]

Cs 1.6 LongHorn Skull

Cs 1.6 LongHorn Skull: Counter-Strike 1.6 Longhorn skull is a full Counter-Strike 1.6 game client with a new 44 Steam Pach (Orange Box) version. There are many changes made to this collection (GUI, player models, weapon models, ammunition models) and file fixes. This version of Cs 1.6 is designed to avoid unnecessary advertising and protect […]

Cs 1.6 XTCS

  XTCS counter-strike A new revision called XTCS counter-strike Team gathered all those maximum specifications of the original toys. Developers have crippled from half-life 1 engine almost everything possible to achieve the highest performance. Now the game differs from the normal version 1.6 not only enhanced textures and more dynamic sounds but also surpasses the […]